OpenLORIS-Object: A Robotic Vision Dataset and Benchmark for Lifelong Deep Learning.


The recent breakthroughs in computer vision have benefited from the availability of large representative datasets (e.g. ImageNet and COCO) for training. Yet, robotic vision poses unique challenges for applying visual algorithms developed from these standard computer vision datasets due to their implicit assumption over non-varying distributions for a fixed set of tasks. Fully retraining models each time a new task becomes available is infeasible due to computational, storage and sometimes privacy issues, while na¨ıve incremental strategies have been shown to suffer from catastrophic forgetting. It is crucial for the robots to operate continuously under openset and detrimental conditions with adaptive visual perceptual systems, where lifelong learning is a fundamental capability. However, very few datasets and benchmarks are available to evaluate and compare emerging techniques. To fill this gap, we provide a new lifelong robotic vision dataset (“OpenLORISObject”) collected via RGB-D cameras. The dataset embeds the challenges faced by a robot in the real-life application and provides new benchmarks for validating lifelong object recognition algorithms. Moreover, we have provided a testbed of 9 stateof-the-art lifelong learning algorithms. Each of them involves 48 tasks with 4 evaluation metrics over the OpenLORIS-Object dataset. The results demonstrate that the object recognition task in the ever-changing difficulty environments is far from being solved and the bottlenecks are at the forward/backward transfer designs. Our dataset and benchmark are publicly available at at

The 2020 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2020.